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Friday, November 4, 2011

A Leader's Grace

Someone asked me what the word "grace" means.  I once heard a very succinct definition: undeserved favor.  But that doesn't cut it for me. The word "undeserved" comes with judgment, and grace withholds judgment always.

I was just in an elevator and a woman entered, and by the scent that followed her it was clear that she was "a smoker." Before I could even take hold of my brain to control my thoughts, judgment happened. I have strong feelings about smoking - I hate it. 

Grace forgives.  Grace gives the benefit of the doubt. Grace comes from a place of curiosity, reaching for understanding.  Grace puts one in the shoes of the other. Grace understands that humans are flawed and there are no exceptions to that.

Whether a leader uses the term grace or not, a strong leader does well to practice the actions of grace as a consistent part of their leadership development plan. Might as well put it in ink.  It's one of those that never gets perfected.  But then again, I guess I should speak for myself there and not judge others.  It will be on my leadership development plan - forever.

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