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Saturday, August 6, 2011


I was in Las Vegas a few weeks ago for a family girls weekend. Wonderful connection time! We were walking the strip one night and there was a man with a microphone or megaphone standing on a street corner.  He was casting judgment on all of us sinners - that we were going to burn in hell for ... hmmm... for something he seemed certain of but of which I'm certainly not sure!!!

Setting aside his theology (which I totally don't agree with!), and his judgment (he doesn't even know me!), I started thinking about his chosen method for "motivation."  

Is his rhetoric motivational?  Is he really going to get anyone to do anything differently? By casting judgment upon a sea of people for whom he has no knowledge?  And if he DID know me, is he going to motivate my by threatening me - by attempting to instill fear in me? Is this a method acceptable to leaders?  I don't think so - I hope not.

Motivation comes from being inspired by a vision, passion, a dream.  Motivation comes to people who have respect and trust in the person doing the motivating.

Next time you think about motivating your "troops" - think in terms of lighting a fire within, rather than a fire under....   The former is much more successful than the latter.

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