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Thursday, April 14, 2011

The 90/10 Rule and our life experiences

Our life experiences serve to color every interaction we have.  For example, if we've been discriminated against, we bring that baggage - the assumption of discrimination - to our interactions.  We assume that the person with whom we're in conversation made that remark because they are against us, for reasons that are in OUR past, not theirs.  But it isn't necessarily true.

That's where the 90/10 rule comes in. Life is 90% attitude and 10% circumstance.  That's really good news. I get to choose the attitude I bring to my day and to every interaction.  I get to choose to believe that the person with whom I'm interacting isn't of a discriminating mind. I get to choose to view every interaction in the best possible light.  It isn't easy to do, but it's possible.  

Women are still experiencing the "glass ceiling" - or so we assume.  But is it because we've put it there through the baggage to which we cling, or is it because someone else really put it there?  If we assume the latter, then we won't bust through it - we've defeated ourselves before we've even started.  If we assume the former, we might just sail right on through, even if it is really there!

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